Styling Kit Do you ship internationally? +

How long will it take for my order to ship? +

After my order ships, how long will it take to get? +

How long will it take to receive my international shipment? +

Do you offer an overnight shipping option? +

Do you have tips for taking care of my products? +

How do I clean my products? +

Do you except Returns? +

iPhone App Are the templates a one-time purchase? +

Are the templates only available to view on an iPhone? +

Can I view the templates on my computer? +

I don’t see my exact invitation combination, should I? +

Do you give refunds on the templates? +

Iphone App

educational videos

Educational Videos Can I only view the videos on my phone? +

Are the videos only available on an iPhone? +

Do you plan on offering additional courses? +

Do you offer refunds on your education videos? +